Digital Hearing Aid Centre provides:
  • Comprehensive adult and children audiological clinical services
  • Hearing aid prescription, fitting and rehabilitation
  • Adaptive and progressive learning programs to maximize benefit from hearing aids
  • Discounted hearing aids- international brands and advanced technology
  • Small and discreet (invisible) hearing aids
  • Ear Impressions taking by our qualified audiologist
  • International warranty, Express VIP service and insurance


Main Activities in our typical consultation/s involve:

  • History taking relating to your hearing and hearing health
  • Ear Examination and Otoscopy
  • Audiometric Assessment
  • Audiometric Interpretation
  • Candidacy for hearing aid evaluation
  • Selecting Physical Characteristics of Hearing Aids
  • Evaluating new hearing aids
  • Fitting process and orientation

Our highly qualified, experienced and caring professionals are committed to providing you a holistic care and support to your hearing health needs.