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I am a Doctor (Surgeon) from Nepal. I have since last year been engaging the service of Digital Hearing Aid Centre at Paragon, SG., for my digital hearing aid. I am impressed by the service provided by Mrs. C.L. Lee and Susan. As all my visits she, Mrs Lee has always been very friendly, patient and generous with her time explaining things to me. Coming from Nepal that is important, I have benefited from her service. I recommend Mrs. Lee’s services and expertise at the Digital Hearing Aid Centre in Paragon, Singapore._______________

Professor Dr. K. D.
Plastic Surgery
Kathmandu, Nepal

My wife is a medical doctor. If she has a complicated case, she schedules that patient for end of her working day so she can give them as much time as they need. Audiologists should do the same. But in my fifteen years of using hearing aids, none has until I met Lee C.L. and Professor J. Chang of Digital Hearing Aid Centre at 290 Orchard Road, Singapore.

What a difference they made! Ms. Lee gave me a thorough hearing examination and took a full history. When she realized I was an unusual case, she called in Professor Chang to consult. This was no 30-minute quickie appointment. They did not stop until they got it 100% right.

Thanks to them I now have a hearing aid system that is light years ahead of what any previous audiologist had supplied me with. I also got an education. It turns out that in their haste, previous audiologists had made mistakes or failed to tell me important things I needed to know to prevent further hearing loss.

My doctor is 5 minutes from my home. My dentist is 20 minutes away. I don’t mind that my audiologists are 8,000 km away because they are the best. They take the time to get it right. My hearing is vastly improved. They have educated me about how to reduce the chances of future loss.

If you would like further information, you can contact me at the address below.

Yours sincerely,


Dr. Max Moss

”  My father was lucky enough to have found the Digital Hearing Aid Centre based at the Paragon about 3 years ago. He has been hard of hearing for many years, and is almost deaf in one ear. Over the decades he has been very reluctant to wear hearing aids, which has been frustrating for the rest of us needing to communicate with him. We as a family have spent many hours and many visits here with Ms Lee and the Professor getting his ears tested, his 3d printed aids fitted and for subsequent check ups adjusting and readjusting his aids as he gets used to them.  I have such gratitude for the countless hours that Ms lee has spent with us and her patience and kindness in caring for my father and her positive encouraging attitude always.  The hearing aids have been life altering for him and for us his family. I cannot thank Ms Lee enough and highly recommend the Digital Hearing Aid Centre if you have issues with your hearing.

Thank you so much Ms Lee. My father got his aids delivered by hand in Sri Lanka day before yday.  No news from him as to how they feel.. but will keep you updated.

All the very best to you.

Chandi xxx  “


 Ms Lee

I would like to express our sincere gratitude on behalf of my wife, Reiko, and myself for the excellent work you have done on helping her with her hearing aids.

The  transition to a new generation of aids has not been easy but your dedication week after week to finding the correct solution and constantly trying new ways to match the aids to her needs is greatly appreciated and it looks as if we have finally got the best outcome despite Reiko’s unique hearing challenges.

We are very pleased we came to you

Best regards/Patrick

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Greeting card from client

Greeting card from client

Good Advice from our client

– From William


Mr Yap YC testimonial

-From YC Yap

Good feedback on Digital Hearing Aid Centre's services provided

Testimonial letter

Testimonial letter


– Mr Sivam

Digital Hearing Aid Centre - Appreciative client

— From Mr Kang

Our sincere thank you and appreciation for your help to my mother – she hears so much better and is very happy since she consulted your clinic for her existing hearing aids bought at …..(deleted).

— Mr Tan

I bought new hearing aids for my father from your hearing aid centre when we visited Singapore. My father asked me to write to you to thank you for being so caring and patient with him. Thank you.

— Ms Marina

Thank you and greetings from clients

– From mother and daughter

For me, cost and value are important. I have gone to few centres for my hearing problem. I found yours the BEST. When my workmates asked for advice, I told them to see you as your prices are reasonable and your service good”

From L Ganesan

Dear Ms. Lee & Susan,

Thank you for your generous donation of the hearing aid. This will greatly help Mr. Yin and improve his quality of life!